posted Aug.06.18 at 01:35 pm

So I've had to make a really hard decision that I've been thinking about for months now, but it's time for me to put Dollhouse on the metaphorical bookshelf for now. While it's been on hiatus, a lot of things in my life have changed, including me going freelance fulltime, and while I thought that a year off would give me plenty of time to build a buffer and finish writing the last chapters of the story, my new job has occupied all of my time and energy. A lot of what makes Dollhouse, well Dollhouse, are experiences of mine from painful times in my life, and without getting too personal, it's stuff I really don't want to revisit in order to finish the story the way I intended to. So, this is the end for Dollhouse.

It'll still be up to read, I have no intention of taking the site down. Thank you all for reading it over the years, and for the comments and support, it's seriously meant the world to me. Dollhouse has lead to me meeting some of the most important people in my life, and ultimately has enabled me to build the skills to make a full time career out of comics, so for that I'll always be thankful. 

If you want a physical copy of volume one, I have literally hundreds of copies still for sale online here or at cons. You can also read the comic that I'm currently working on with Paul Tobin, called Messenger, here or on the Webtoons mobile app. It's about Dare Crilley, a bicycle messenger who gets work from a divine client, and has to deliver messages between squabbling gods. If she fucks up, they destroy the universe, so she has a lot riding on her bicycle wheels. I put cameos of Gage and Satine and other Dollhouse characters in there all the time, so you'll definitely see some familiar faces while reading it. 

I'm sorry it's been a year of radio silence only to find out that Dollhouse is ending here. Thanks for reading it and being along for the ride.